How it works

EqualEngineers is a hub connecting inclusive employers with diverse candidates in engineering and technology.

We work in close collaboration with leading organisations representing underrepresented groups in the engineering and technology profession. Through our affiliate partners, we access a broad diversity the engineering and technology profession covering everything from the built environment to pharmaceuticals, and energy and utilities through to manufacturing and consultancy.

Organisations are invited to join, or apply to join the EqualEngineers Jobs platform. All organisations must have a demonstrable committment to creating an inclusive workplace culture. Once they have their registration confirmed, in-house recruiters are then able to post job vacancies for our diverse community to consider. They have access to candidate profiles and are able to invite candidates to apply for jobs.

Candidates are able to sign-up to our platform at any time. They fill out a candidate profile which will generate their online profile which will be searchable to recruiters. Candidates are able to supply one CV which will be retained alongside their profile. Candidates are asked to keep their profiles and CVs up-to-date (every 90 days) where they will then be removed from the search facility as it will be assumed they are now no longer looking for new opportunities.