What does your organisation do?

We're re-inventing Rolls-Royce. Re-configuring it. Re-imagining it. Transforming what was once a traditional engineering company into a digital-first, industrial technology leader. We're expanding beyond our famous engineering capabilities and exploring new territories, pushing the boundaries of a digital world to meet the planet's vital power needs.

Along the way, we're solving some of the world's biggest technological challenges – and addressing some of society's most pressing issues – all through the delivery of clean, sustainable power. This is your chance to join us at the start of a whole new era; to lay the foundations of brilliant career and help shape the Rolls-Royce of the future. Together, we're pioneers. 

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you recruit?

Engineering – our core programme, or any of these specialisms: Electrical Systems, Electronics, Materials, Nuclear Controls, Software, Systems, Submarines Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering

Next recruitment cycle we are launching our new business programmes.

How many vacancies do you have and when are the start dates?

  • Graduate Vacancies: TBC
  • Internships: TBC
  • Placements: None
  • Apprenticeships: TBC
  • Other (please specify): None

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you have apprenticeship opportunities?

  • Degree apprenticeship - Level 6
  • Manufacturing Engineering - Degree - Level 6
  • Non-destructive degree apprenticeship
  • Materials Laboratories degree apprenticeship - Level 6
  • Practical Apprenticeship - Level 3
  • Procurement apprenticeships - Level 4

What do you do / offer to support returners back to work, to enable highly qualified and experienced candidates to re-start their career?

We need great people to help us achieve our goals, so we make sure we provide an environment where you can always be yourself and be your best. Work with us and we’ll welcome you into an inclusive culture, one that invests in your continuous learning and development, and gives you access to a wide breadth and depth of experience.

You’ll enjoy challenging and rewarding opportunities that will make a real difference to your career. We offer flexible working options and give ample rewards and recognition too.

How do you create an inclusive workplace?

At Rolls-Royce, we want you to feel empowered to be the best version of yourself. We’re more than a business – we’re an evolving community. Our approach to flexible working makes it possible to balance work and personal commitments so that you can take care of all the things that matter.

Our employee resource groups help us to support authenticity and inclusion in the workplace and help ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect, which is core to our business. Feel welcomed, be yourself, be your best.

What five top-tips would you give to people applying to your company?

1. Research the company.

2. Review our values and behaviours and include these into your application.

3. Practice on-line assessments before completing.

4. Review your application - have tailored your C.V and questions to Rolls-Royce.

5. Show passion and motivation.

Role Models

Name: Stephanie Newman
Job Title: Trent 1000 Combustion and Turbines Sub-System Technical Lead
Engineering Discipline:  Aerospace Engineering: Systems Design and Integration

I lead the design of components in the hot end of the Trent 1000 and Trent 7000 Engine to ensure that they are efficient and last for as long as possible in service. This is the Jet engine powering the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft and Airbus A330 NEO. I run a team to fix the turbine blade, a critical project for the company and airline customers and has required novel technology to be designed, developed and tested in very tight programme timescales. As a woman in engineering, I am still sadly a minority. And I am passionate for increasing the representation of great females in engineering. To achieve this I am part of the Rolls-Royce UK Gender Diversity Committee and I have been a member of the Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) Young Women’s Board as well as an active STEM ambassador. 

I find that I bring a different perspective to engineering challenges. I look at a wider picture when faced with a problem and bring this approach to problem solving. This has helped me to help Rolls-Royce to innovate and find different solutions due to my diverse experiences. I worked in Singapore and  Montreal and this has allowed me to share ideas to learn new ways of tackling issues. I believe that seeking as diverse experiences as possible will help me to be a stronger engineering leader. I do not come from a family of engineers and I often found it hard at the beginning of my career when I hadn’t spent all my childhood in the garage under a car it seemed a lot of the other engineers had done. I have realised that this doesn’t matter and I am able to still solve engineering problems even if I don’t know all the parts under the bonnet of a car! 

I am passionate about encouraging more women into the wonderful world of Engineering. I would advise anyone who is excited by solving some of the biggest challenges that the world faces, has an interest in science and maths and innovation to think about a career in engineering. My advice would be to follow your passion, get as much experience as possible to find out what you do and don’t enjoy and keep asking questions. There is a huge breadth of roles in STEM careers that need you to be excited by engineering challenges but you don’t have to be an engineer. We need commercial, logistics, programme managers, and all sorts of other skills to be able to deliver world changing pioneering solutions. Finally, I would add some advice that I was given early in my career- don’t feel that you need to change who you are to be successful in STEM. You should be able to bring your whole self to your career and it is that which will make you successful and help you to solve problems in ways other people won’t be able to.

Name: Rachel Peachey
Job Title: Failure Investigator
Engineering Discipline:  Materials Engineering and Aerospace

As a Failure Investigator I use engineering and forensic techniques to understand why a component has cracked, corroded or broken, so that we can prevent it happening again. My job is very hands on, some days I will be in a workshop with power tools, other days I will be using microscopes to look at features 100x smaller than a human hair. 

I have an autoimmune disease which gives me chronic fatigue, so the variability in my day to day work helps me work and manage my condition. As a woman, I also love working in a gender diverse team; materials engineering tends to have a higher than average percentage of women. 

For your future career, I advise going where you are most interested in, but also remaining open to job ideas- it is likely that your ideal job will be something you haven’t heard of yet!