What does your organisation do?

QA is the UK’s leading tech skills provider, developing the skills and capabilities for everyone from apprentices to business leaders. We empower over a quarter of a million learners every year to thrive in the workplace.

We do this through our digital apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships and consulting opportunities - for those who want to be fast-tracked into a dynamic IT Consultant role. We also offer innovative short courses and bootcamps focused on in-demand topics and subjects as well as degree opportunities through our partnerships with some of the most reputable institutions in the UK.

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you recruit?

Software and Web Development, IT Systems and Networking, Cloud, Data Analysis, Cyber Security, DevOps, Digital Marketing, Digital Applications

How many vacancies do you have and when are the start dates?

  • Graduate Vacancies: 2 to 4 cohorts recruited every month
  • Apprenticeships: Over 100 opportunities every month across the UK
  • Bootcamp training opportunities avaliable

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you have apprenticeship opportunities?

  • Information security apprenticeships
  • IT application specialist apprenticeships
  • IT, software, web and telecoms professionals apprenticeships

What do you do/offer to support returners back to work, to enable highly qualified and experienced candidates to re-start their career?

We know that skilling or upskilling into the tech sector is a highly attractive prospect for many experienced and qualified candidates. Not only is the sector growing at a rapid rate, average wages are higher than non-tech jobs.

We have a range of offerings that support these experienced candidates and enhance their employability. Apprenticeships have become an increasingly attractive option for many older candidates – they’re no longer simply available to school leavers but to career-changers and starters of any age. We offer apprenticeships from Level 3 to Level 7 with a wide range of programme options (DevOps, Cyber Security, IT Systems, and Networking). Candidates can choose to stay in their current role and work towards their qualifications or start in a completely new job. We also offer 9-week boot camps in collaboration with the Department for Education, specifically aimed at those who have been out of work for a prolonged period. Additionally, candidates can get a taste for the world of tech by taking part in one of our free, one-day training courses in subjects such as coding, programming, and web development.

How do you create an inclusive workplace?

QA are one of the UK's leading tech training providers. Not only do we provide a dynamic suite of in-demand tech courses, but we also work to connect our learners with apprenticeships and consulting training opportunities across the UK with a diverse range of employers.

Creating an inclusive workplace is something that we value. We’re committed to building a culture that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion – and one that actively values differences. But our responsibility isn’t just to those who work for us, but also to the larger education industry in the technology space, the clients we serve, and communities in which we operate.

Within the workplace we’ve Introduced eight D&I Champions to represent diversity across QA, Created QA Be You – a virtual space to talk about diversity & inclusion, launched employee networks – support groups associated with protected groups, celebrated cultural events – Black History Month, Hanukkah, LGBTQ+ history month to name a few – as well as a range of other initiatives.

We’ve also partnered with organisations like the Stemettes, Catch 22, Coding Black Females and the TAP Project who champion diversity. We collaborate on events and initiatives to offer members access to free tech training and routes into the industry – this includes our free coding workshops, Teach the Nation to Code.

What five top tips would you give to people applying to your company?

  1. Highlight your passion for tech

  2. Soft skills are as important as your technical insight - focus on these as well

  3. Talk about how your experiences have helped you develop specific skills

  4. Make sure to highlight the skills specified on the role you're applying for

Role Models

Name: Roberta Baah
Job Title: Compliance Officer at the Financial Times
Engineering Discipline:  Digital and Technology Solutions

Roberta started as an IT Level 3 apprentice working on the IT service desk at the Financial Times, completed a Level 4 and then progressed onto a Bachelor’s degree apprenticeship. She graduated with a 2:1 BSc in Digital and Technology Solutions. To top it all off, she’s been promoted into a new role in the IT Governance team.

“In my role now, I code and manage invoices and purchase orders, book training, track spend on travel and entertainment for the tech and product departments – and more. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that the ‘conventional route’ is not the only way into higher education. I’m really proud that I’ve graduated from my degree apprenticeship, having managed to balance work and learning throughout. For young people considering an apprenticeship – go for it! Just keep focussed, make good use of your time and keep up with your assignments. You will definitely learn a lot, both academically and professionally.”

Name: Stephanie Haynes
Job Title: Cybersecurity Analyst at Horiba Mira
Engineering Discipline:  Cybersecurity

Steph was the first woman in the UK to complete a cyber security apprenticeship. Not only that – she achieved the highest possible grade, a distinction.

“I chose to do the cyber security apprenticeship because it offered a mix of theory and practical knowledge – as well as the opportunity to work in the industry and gain experience. I could apply new skills in a real-world security environment. At HORIBA MIRA, I’ve learned so much about cyber security, particularly in the automotive domain. My knowledge ranges from building and programming tools, to covering issues like data privacy – as well as becoming familiar with automotive cyber security standards. My apprenticeship has set me up for the challenges presented by securing modern vehicles. I’d strongly encourage anyone to go for an apprenticeship. You’ll get relevant knowledge, a chance to develop your soft skills, and you’ll build up valuable experience from day one.”

Name: Nazim Ahmed
Job Title: DevOps Consultant at HMCTS (Her Majest's Court and Tribunal Services)
Engineering Discipline:  DevOps

“QA has trained me from the ground up in DevOps, an area that I previously had no experience in. After the 3 months of training in the (QA Consulting) Academy, I was immediately ready to work with highly sensitive systems in a government position. Working in a government agency presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, but I will always be grateful for the opportunity that was given to me by QA because this is the perfect place to kick start my career in DevOps!”