What does your organisation do?

Winning takes on many different forms. It’s not just about being the first to take the chequered flag. It’s also about exciting our fans, inspiring our people and delivering for our partners. And it’s about evolving our sport, our industry, our technology.

It’s about the Fearless Pursuit of Better.

The McLaren Racing story began in 1963, and from day one we set an incredible pace. Today, we’re continuing to build on the legacy you’ll find in every photograph. Through each team member, every day. And if you join us at our state of the art, ecologically advanced McLaren Technology Centre, you’ll play your part in our story.

What area(s) / disciplines of engineering and technology do you recruit?


Mechanical Engineering

Software Engineering



Computer Science


Manufacturing & Production

How many vacancies do you have?

Graduate vacancies: 5

Internships: 2

What do you do / offer to support returners back to work, to enable highly qualified and experienced candidates to re-start their career?

We are able to provide refresh training, as well as rotations and an integrated approach to the return to skill.

How do you create an inclusive workplace?

We run a series of social employee working groups who play an intergal role to creating new initiatives considered within our organisation.  We use tech available to share ideas and and drive commited plans which are backed by our exec leadership team, as well as focus on success stories though our internal comms team.

What five top-tips would you give to people applying to your company?

  1. Show how you take initiative and focus on exceeding targets or goals.

  2. Keep things simple, especially at the start of your career, focus on relevent achievements, including extra carricular activities that show passion and interest for your field.

  3. Carefully read the process, many make mistakes in their applications.

  4. Practice answering interview questions with friends and family, ask for feedback.

  5. Show your cv to someone that doesnt understand your skill set, if they understand easily enough, you have done a good job.


Role Models

Name: Kenny Kong
Job Title: Specialist, Reliability Engineer
Engineering Discipline:  Reliability / Performance

Kenny joined McLaren Racing in 2019 as a Reliability Engineer in Formula One, whose role is to ensure the cars finish a race: from how they are designed, built and operated, to investigate what happened when something goes wrong.

During a race weekend, Kenny is in Mission Control monitoring live data to understand the cars’ behaviours, to ensure whilst the team is maximising performance, reliability is not being compromised.

Before F1, Kenny had a career as an automotive Quality Engineer, initially focussed in launch and production before specialising in design quality and failure avoidance, had worked in a number of British car makers including McLaren Automotive and Jaguar Land Rover.

Drawing on his experience and knowledge, Kenny applies design and problem solving methodologies into the fast-pace, ever moving world of motorsports to get the cars past the chequered flag.